Terry Goss & Associates - Dental Team Training and Consulting Firm



Support and improve your individual dental patients quality of life experience.

Through a process of Co-Discovery and Co-Diagnosis we learn about the patient while they learn about themselves. The more we understand those we serve as unique individuals, the better we are able to create an environment of safety and trust and build healthy relationships.

The first and most fundamental skill to our success is asking powerful questions driven by genuine curiosity. With exceptional patient facilitation skills, we listen for our patient’s core values and the deeper meaning of what has shaped their beliefs, fears, and barriers. We learn how their current conditions are impacting their quality of life and we help them imagine what might be possible. Our support through their decision-making process helps our patients find their own motivation for change and promotes learning and ownership.

With Exceptional Patient Facilitation Training, you and your team will...​

  • Create positive and unique experiences for patients and build confidence and trust
  • Learn critically important communication skills to help your patients make the shift from what’s wrong (quality of life issues) to what’s possible (quality of life goals)
  • Develop intake interview skills to help patients clarify what is important and ensure patient satisfaction 
  • Cultivate communication skills, systems, and structures that create mutually rewarding relationships with your patients 
  • Fortify private fee-for-service dentistry 
  • Attract more patients who value excellence in dentistry and participate proactively 
  • Understand and utilize the ‘Neuroscience of Curiosity’