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Collaborative Dental Leadership

An inspiring leader has a vision for what is possible and the skills to build and empower a team dedicated to that vision. You can become that rare leader who has a powerful voice for positive change, that harnesses your team’s collective talents and aligns your vision with focused, everyday action in your dental practice.

Your personal growth and development as a leader within the dental field will have the most profound impact on your team and your practice success. Become the kind of leader people want to follow.

Dentist retreat - Dental team communication is most essential when building empowered teams that thrive in comprehensive dentistry - both strategic planning, training, and personal coaching.

A Team That Can Move Mountains

Dental Practice Treatment Room with patient - Patient facilitation and dental team training

Co-Active Coaching to focus your Synergistic Dental Teams

A strong synergistic team and harmonious work environment are essential to practice success. Our coaching approach to teambuilding fosters full participation in a safe environment, commitment to excellence and life-long learning, and team unity in pursuit of a common goal. A sense of individual contribution and group synergy is essential to a healthy dental practice that inspires enthusiasm and team spirit.

The advanced team communication training and behavioral skills we teach engender healthy, creative, and collaborative relationships within the team and with patients. You and your team will experience a level of professional fulfillment you never thought possible and a dramatic increase in your overall success and happiness.

Balance Wheel | Dental team communication training. Well-rounded programs ropes courses, training games, leading assessment instruments for Dental teams from Terry Goss and Associates

Cornerstone of Dental Service

Exceptional Dental Patient Communication
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The dental practice that offers Comprehensive and Cosmetic Care requires a different approach than traditional repair-oriented dentistry. A team must become more behaviorally sophisticated than ever before. While you are the experts on clinical dentistry; you are not the experts on your patient’s quality of life issues and goals.

We will help you and your dental team cultivate crucial patient-centered facilitation skills that encourage patient involvement, build collaborative relationships, and support your patient’s decision-making process as their health advocate. Your skills are pivotal in helping patients find their own motivation for change creating an environment of safety, trust, and confidence.

What Clients Say About Us

It is our dedication to helping Dentists build empowered teams that thrive in Comprehensive Dentistry. 

Our Services incorporate strategic planning, dental team training, and individual coaching.
Reach for your vision and accomplish the personal, financial, practice, and professional goals you seek.